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If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Selby you are in the right place for you.  Whatever your reason for looking for a hypnotherapist you can feel assured that I have helped someone with it before.

Why would someone go to see a Selby hypnotherapist?  The answer is simple.

They want to make a change in their life

Does this sound like you?  If so, then you read on……

I would really like to know why you are here.  What is it that sparked you to look in Selby for hypnotherapy?  Here are some of the reasons why others have been to see me.  You might find that you identify with some of these points or that you have your own.


Having one of these, or even having more to deal with, is very stressful on the body and your mind. You are here because you have chosen not to be controlled by these anymore.  To no longer let them run your life for you.  Seeing a hypnotherapist that knows just how to help you would be a great relief for you, wouldn’t it?  So if you are looking for hypnotherapy near Selby you will be glad that you are here and know that you are able to connect with someone who can really help you.  

Here is your current problem.  Your subconscious mind has been stopping you from doing something about what you want to change.  Coming to my Selby office for hypnotherapy can change that.  Shouldn’t you be the one that is in control of how you want your life to be?  

If you were sat on a bus, who would you want to be driving it?  The bus or the driver?  Be the person who makes their own decisions and choices for their own good rather than being controlled by an issue that can be resolved.  Seeing a Selby hypnotherapist can help you to be the one that is in control of the bus.

The fact that you are here reading this is a sign of your future success.  Congratulate yourself for taking this step.  Why?  Because many others either won’t or are too afraid!  You are a winner already!

The initial consultation is of no cost to you so that you can find out more about hypnotherapy and how it can work for you. It also allows us to be able to guarantee that you are moving forward in the direction that is best for you,  ensuring greater success.  Call Paul today on 01757 629196 for your consultation.

“I was sceptical about whether or not hypnotherapy would work and also if I could be hypnotised.  Paul quickly put me at ease by explaining to me what hypnosis really is as I was put off by what I saw at a stage show once.  The sessions were really relaxing and best of all IT WORKED!  Hypnotherapy has been a great experience and something I would recommend to anyone.”

P. Carter


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Paul Ramsden is a modern clinical hypnotherapist based in Selby and regularly seeing clients areas such as Goole, Brayton, Barlby, Riccall, York, Howden, Brough, Pontefract, Castleford, Leeds, Tadcaster, Pocklington, Beverley, Market Weighton, Thorne and Doncaster.

What will it take for you to take your next step ?
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Hypnosis is excellent at helping people to change their habits and control how they feel much easier. It is a proven solution for many issues and is becoming far more recognised by the medical profession as a valuable form of therapy due to the great results seen in a far shorter time than by using CBT or psychotherapy. Many GPs these  days will recommend and even refer people to a Selby hypnotherapist rather than the traditional routes.

Many clients say how they are amazed at how quickly their issues are resolved and how much they enjoy the sessions, especially those who were sceptical before we started working together.  They talk about how great it is to be able to say no to food or cigarettes.  How they feel much happier inside than they have felt for a long time.   That they are much calmer after their stress, anxiety or other emotions have been dealt with.  How they can get on a plane not only feeling happy about flying but that they are actually looking forward to the flight and that it goes  by so quickly.

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